Want to focus on growing the business, not working IN the business?

Feeling overwhelmed as an Amazon hussler?

Don’t have the keyword & copywriting skills?

Kenji ROI delivers world class Product Listings for all you Amazon husslers…


Each listing is written based on exhaustive keyword research, placed in key spots to maximize ranking.


Crafty copywriting techniques manufacture desire for your products by communicating the TRUE benefits of each key product feature on an emotional level.


Our world class copywriters are trained to target the most important buyer emotions that move the mouse to the “Add to Cart” button.



Step 1: We provide you UNLIMITED REVISIONS & re-writes until we’ve reached agreement you are satisfied with the listing you’ve received.

Step 2: If you have ANY technical issues with the listing, setting it up, main search terms not indexing, etc, we will assign a PERSONAL EXPERT to resolve the problem for you.

Step 3: If you still aren’t happy with your listing, we’ll give you a FULL REFUND within 90 days of delivery… under the condition you remove our work from Amazon. That’s fair to ask, right?

*Refunded listings that continue to be used on Amazon & are profiting from free work, become Kenji ROI property to use in promotional materials to other Amazon Sellers.

*There is a 90 day window for this guarantee starting from the delivery date.


Full Listing

Entire Listing Text & Keywords
$ 297 done in 7 business days
  • SEO-Optimized Title
  • Backend Keywords & Subject Matter
  • Benefit-Driven Bullet Points
  • HTML Description
  • Ready To Copy & Paste Into Amazon
  • Keyword Master Spreadsheet to See Your Top Keywords
  • Extra Deep Research & Customer Insights
  • Bonus Resources to Help You Succeed On Amazon

Add Enhanced Brand Content

Upgrade Your Description
$197-$647 additional cost
  • EBC Using Your Photos
  • Copywriting – keyword optimized
  • Graphic Design & photo re-purposing
  • Color Correction & Touch Up
  • Design Consultation
  • OR
  • EBC With Photography
  • Copywriting – keyword optimized
  • Graphic Design & photo re-purposing
  • Color Correction & Touch Up
  • Design Consultation
  • EBC Specific Lifestyle Photos
  • EBC Specific Studio Photos
  • Model



Custom Made by a $150/h Amazon Consultant

“Wow, wasn’t expecting so much detail. Thanks for all the insights Danny.” – Jason, CA


“This is pure gold, I’ll let you know the effects of the changes based on what you pointed out, I think it will work great!” – Richard, FL


1. Be Seen by More Shoppers:

More eyes = more buys. Ranking for the highest volume, most relevant keywords requires specific analysis & methodical placement.

2. Higher Conversion Rate

A 2 to 5% Conversion Rate increase can add thousands in revenue. With emotionally driven, benefit focused sales copy & hypnotic writing techniques, more mouses move to “Add to Cart” instead of competitor’s listings.

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I was a brand new seller, knew absolutely nothing about selling on Amazon. Kenji ROI came highly recommended by one of my colleagues so I approached them looking for a seamless one stop shop with a level of expertise for listing optimizations.

-Brandon Cox

My first experience with Kenji was above & beyond what I expected. Probably the biggest compliment I could give them is I’ve already paid them to do my second listing from the ground up. I’ll be using Kenji for my second product & you should too, see ya!



We’ve written over 250 Amazon listing for sellers ranging from brand new to 50 SKU + powerhouses.

Our methodical keyword processes, ultra deep customer research, & world class copywriters combine to create unique value for Amazon sellers.

We encourage you to check out the video and PDF going over and example listing we wrote below.

Persuasive Bullet Points

Written to communicate the TRUE benefits of the most compelling product features. This is where the copywriting skills really come out to play!

Top Keywords Spreadsheet

Gives you a handle on the most important keywords you need to watch out for & to target in your PPC campaigns.

SEO Optimized Title

The title is the most important for keyword ranking. We use your top search phrases in a way that’s easily read & definitely not “keyword stuffed.”

HTML Description

Mobile optimized & crafted to shut down the most common customer objections to buying. If someone is reading the description, they usually just need one small question answered.

Experienced Professionals

In the areas of both Amazon ranking & the psychology of writing persuasive sales copy. Our expert copywriters understand exactly how to marry keyword optimization with copywriting techniques.

Relevant Backend Search Terms

Using the most up to date best practices. We recommend 250 characters total split between all 5 keyword fields for maximum ranking.


Lead copywriter Danny Carlson is also a private label seller & has gone through over $12K in training for Amazon & writing persuasive sales copy. An active member of multiple masterminds & meetups to keep up with the latest Amazon keyword & indexing changes. Over 250 listings written for over 75 sellers & counting. Danny has personally trained every team member and oversees EVERY listing before it is delivered to ensure only the best work is put forward.

TOS compliance comes first before ANYTHING. No keyword advantage is worth getting your account suspended. If there are potential clashes with Amazon guidelines with a certain product, we make sure you understand ALL the risks involved before taking it on. We closely follow updates to TOS through blogs, podcasts, & mastermind groups.

You never know how good it really is until you split test. Even a 2-5% conversion rate increase can easily turn into thousands in profit. Also, Amazon constantly updates their algorithm as markets change. What was good 6 months ago may now be open for new competitors.

Yes, we share absolutely 0% of our client information. No product names, keywords, nothing that could open your market to copycats. If you are concerned, we offer Non Disclosure Agreements to keep you legally protected.

If this listing is already on Amazon, and already has good sales volume, uploading the entire new listing at once can have adverse effects on keyword indexing. We STRONGLY recommend updating your listing slowly over a 2 week period unless you have a very good understanding of keyword indexing and rank tracking.

Start with the title, wait 2 days, upload 2 bullet points – wait 2 days, upload the rest of the bullet points – wait 2 days, upload description – wait 2 days, upload backend keyword fields. Be sure to test for indexing with a keyword index checking tool to make sure your most profitable search terms are indexing. Just to be clear, none of this applies to brand new listings or existing listings that get low to no sales.