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Amazon Listing Optimization Tricks From My Direct Competitor Kamaljit Singh of AMZ One Step

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Amazon Listing Optimization Tricks - Kamaljit Singh

Last updated on December 7th, 2020 at 08:00 am

Why on earth would I release a video of my direct competitor on my channel? Because I don’t have a scarcity mindset!

Kamaljit Singh is a fellow Canadian Amazon agency owner and shares this abundance mindset.

Over the years I’ve gained so much from making friends with my direct competing company founders, and our market is always growing.

This is a common theme I’ve noticed with super successful entrepreneurs I know, many of them have built friendships intentionally with their biggest competition.

The value that both of you can gain is immense. There are no better people to learn from than other successful companies in your space because they are dealing with the same challenges you are, and in you both sharing your wins, everyone wins!

In this episode of the Actualize Freedom Podcast, we dive into how Kamaljit optimizes Amazon listings for maximum ranking and conversion rate.

Kamaljit Singh’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoVrMzvFc8Ng5FXBZl5kuVA

AMZ One Step: 

Kamaljit Singh

Kamaljit Singh

Kamaljit Singh came to Canada in 2010 as an international student at Niagara College. After finishing school, he founded AMZ One Step. AMZ One Step helps Amazon Sellers to launch their products on Amazon.