Data Proven Main Image Package

Main image variations split tested against themselves & page 1 competitors for the highest Click Through Rate

BBQ Gloves
  • 5 Main Image Variations
  • Split Tested Against Your Page One Competitors
  • Split Tested Against Your Other Variations to Find Highest Performing Image
  • 15 x Social Media Graphic Versions of Your 5 Main Image Variations for Instagram, Facebook, & Stories

*Split test results from our database of US shopper survey respondents

Launch your product with your data-proven highest performing main image for maximum Click Through Rate & Conversion Rate.


We create 5 variations of your main image then survey US based shoppers to find which ones perform the best against the other variations & also your page 1 competitors.


We then deliver 15 social media graphic versions you can post on Facebook, Instagram, & Insta stories to help build your following & strengthen your brand off Amazon.

Boosted Click Through Rate: More Traffic to Your Product

Increasing the Click Through Rate (CTR) of your product on search results pages is the single most powerful low hanging fruit to optimize on Amazon.

main image package 1

Since the main image is what shoppers see on the search results page & competitor’s listings, creating the most appealing and eye catching image possible is the best way to get more people to click.

If a product gets 50,000 impressions (views) on search results pages with a CTR of 5%, that’s 2,500 potential buyers on the listing.

If we boosted CTR to 7% with a higher performing main image, it would jump to 3,500… a 71% increase in traffic!


It’s not uncommon to boost click through rate by 2-5% by split testing and finding the highest performing main image.

Boosted Conversion Rate: Turn More Traffic Into Sales

Conversion rate is percentage of shoppers who view your product page that end up buying. If 100 shoppers viewed your page & 10 bought, your conversion rate would be 10%.

In Amazon’s business reports they express this as “Unit Session Percentage.” It’s slightly different than “conversion rate” because it’s a direct percentage of viewers to units sold, meaning that if someone bought 5 units in one order it would count as 5 conversions so it bumps numbers up a bit.

If a product sells $50,000 per month with a CVR (conversion rate) of 10%, with a 12% CVR it would sell $60,000

That’s a 17% revenue boost from just a 2% conversion rate increase.


In the example below we created a 11.22% increase in 2.5 months which translated an extra $8,609.5‬0 or 35% of that month’s revenue!

kenji roi review case study

All Other Marketing Efforts Become More Effective

With higher click through rate and conversion rate, Amazon Ads, Facebook Ads, or any kind of product launch promotion become cheaper & more effective.

You can think of it like this…

If you run Amazon Ads with a main image that has a 5% lower click through rate, you are throwing $50 out of every $1000 spent on ads in the toilet.


That’s not exact math but you get the point, optimizing your listing will increase the performance of all marketing efforts so it’s ultra important to do this before spending tons of money on ads or product launch.

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