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The main image sells the click.

The lifestyle & graphics gets the sale.

Outrank | Outsell | Build a Real Brand

Raise Perceived Value

Price your products higher. Pro lighting, depth of field, & real models create the “High Value” feel for customers.

One Company, Less Hassle

No need to hire & coordinate photographers, graphic designers, & models. Our team does it all, integrated.

Boost Conversion Rate

A “scroll stopping” main photo gets the click & a “story telling” photo-set gets the sale. Convert more visitors to buyers.

Picked based on your chosen demographic & attire, etc. Based in the diverse, film industry city of Vancouver, Canada, we have access to nearly any demographic you need. You will  be asked for this in the order process. *Children under 14, babies, or multiple models are extra charge.

When you request a quote on the photography or video pages, you will be asked for your model preference & we’ll work this into your quote.

Product benefit call outs, comparing against competitors, showing scale & size… all among the powerful type of graphic design photos we can make for you. Two graphically augmented photos are included in the FullStack Photography package. If you’ve done a listing with us, we’ll use the data from that to craft the perfect copy for your photos.

Your Amazon TOS white background main images are shot in our Vancouver studio. We spent thousands on white backdrops & special lighting so you don’t have to… & also don’t have to spend hours on YouTube learning how to use it.

Showing your product in use, telling the story of the main benefits. Our goal is to get the customer imagining themselves receiving these benefits & visualizing themselves enjoying them. Lifestyle shots are included in every package.


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We guarantee your conversion rate for your MAIN search term will improve within 30 days, or we will assign a personal team member to help you fix it. If we can’t help you reach the increased conversion rate within an additional 2 weeks, we’ll refund your entire payment!

This is based on Search term report showing the conversion rate for main search term as defined in the listing document based on our deep keyword analysis, and will be at the front of your title for maximum keyword ranking juice, not some random search term!

Full guarantee terms and conditions here. Must be using keyword rank tracking software & allow us access to it in case of claim, & must not be driving keyword specific traffic to sabotage conversion rate.


Kenji ROI
319 W Hastings St #400
Vancouver, BC
V6B 1H6

Photo Retakes: Any photo retake requests or new shot requests that were not outlined in your filled out photography intake form (sent immediately upon order) are not be included in the initial fee. We recommend being as thorough and specific as possible when filling out your form if you have specific shots/ vision in mind. Otherwise, our experts will craft the photoset based on their own research & provided info, & you are trusting our expertise in crafting the photoset.

Graphic Design: For graphic design photos included in EBC of the Fullstack photosets, we include 1 full round of revisions after delivery. Anything further will be charged at an additional hourly rate.

You can choose the model demographic i.e. “caucasian female 30-45, fit & obviously works out.” But we do not offer exact model choosing as the only way to guarantee a certain model is through a modeling agency at $500 plus per model.

Models under 14 years old or additional models are as extra cost (see Photo Add-Ons).

It’s a secondary main image you can use to “split test” & see which one performs better using a software like Pickfu or Splitly. Split testing the main image is strongly recommended.

We share 0% of client information. At your request we will sign Non Disclosure Agreements.

We do however greatly appreciate when clients give us permission to showcase the work we did together in our portfolio. This only happens upon express permission.

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