Brand New Seller Hits $1000 per Day 8 Days After First Launch

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See how Brandon launched his very first Amazon product and started selling $500/ day within 4 days, then $1000 USD per day within 8 days after launch… with less than 20 reviews as a first time seller.

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Launching into a competitive category, he was able to compete & overcome competitors largely in part to the high quality photos, copywriting/ keywords, and video on his listing. All this is included in the Ultimate Listing Package + Review Booster Email…. & some goodies.

Brandon got the Ultimate Listing Package with Kenji ROI

Danny Carlson

Danny Carlson

Kenji ROI CEO & Amazon seller from Vancouver, Canada. Huge adrenaline junkie/ life hacker competing in downhill longboard races, meditating after ice baths, & reading dense psychology books…
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