How To Create Winning Facebook Campaigns For $5 Per Day With Yev Marusenko

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What Yev Focused On To Get His Marketing System Down.

It took Yev around 6 months when he first got started trying to figure out his marketing system for Amazon sellers. He was spending about $10 to 50 dollars per day. He realized that micro ad sets at $5 per day would be his best bet for his system.

In the beginning he starts with getting his click through rate dialed in. This starts with the image or creative of the ad. He tests the same copy with 35 different image variations. Each ad runs in an ad set with a $5 daily budget. He tests angles, curiosity, and lifestyle variants. A variant could be as simple as taking a different angle of your product that isn’t clear on what your product actually is, this builds curiosity.

When you’re just starting ads, the goal should be to optimize for engagement and clicks. Don’t worry about purchases right away. After you’ve tested for the best image variations do the same with a bunch of copy variations. You could test 4 to 6 when starting out. Aim for 1 to 5% Unique CTR for creative and a 0.5 to 1.5% Unique CTR for copy. Afterwards you combine the optimized images and copy and create killer ads focusing on purchases.

What Metrics You Should Pay Attention To When Running Facebook Ads.

When you’re just starting out and testing your images and copy, focus on Unique CTR. When you’re running ads for purchases or Messenger subscribers, focus on Amazon sales or subscribers. Track the thank you page or link click with a pixel, this will give Facebook accurate data for you to make informed marketing decisions with.

Facebook Ads for Amazon Sellers

Where to Send Facebook Traffic.

Send traffic to a Messenger flow or landing page. DO NOT send direct traffic to your Amazon listing. This has a really low conversion rate unless it’s a retargeting ad or deep discount. This will also hurt your Amazon conversion rate and may affect your listing ranking.

How Zontracker.io Helps You Create More Informed Facebook To Amazon Ads.

Zontracker is a tool that helps you track the sales generated on Amazon from Facebook campaigns. You usually would need to do this process manually by taking the sales data from Amazon and uploading it into Facebook as an offline event. This tool allows you to also track the 12% of sales that come without people clicking on your ad. You can even send people to an external retailer or blog for social proof and the sales data will still come back to your Facebook ad account.

Use Relative Comparison When Optimizing.

The first part of optimizing is looking at the right metrics from the start. The next part of optimizing is using relative comparison. This means comparing the data to what you have. If you run 10 ads and 7 out of the 10 are outperforming the rest dramatically, turn off the other 3. Constantly check in when you launch new tests and turn off losers quickly.

Using Paid Traffic For Amazon Reviews.

Using paid traffic for Amazon reviews depends on two things. Are they new or existing customers? The easiest one to start with is retargeting existing customers to get reviews. There are a ton of different funnels out there to create reviews, you have to test them. The idea is to extend the customer journey and build that relationship before you ask.

One example is creating a retargeting video series. You would only push people through the video series if they watched a minimum required amount of the last video. So if you had a 25% video completion threshold, you’d push people through to the next video only if they watched at least 25% of the last video. This means that by the end of your retargeting series you’d be left with really engaged customers and can easily ask for a review or purchase.

You could then take that customer data and create a custom lookalike audience. This would be a lookalike audience that would be highly likely to buy from you. You get reviews from old customers, use their data to create new customers, and the cycle continues.

How To Become A Data Scientist When Running Ads

Always have something you’re comparing your ad data to. Take one step at a time when you’re building up your marketing tests. If you can’t do 30 right away start with 10. Do what makes sense for your business. Brainstorm different ideas with your team or different Facebook groups and test constantly.

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