The 7 Ways to Make Money On Amazon Since 2009 with Veteran JL Needham

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The 7 Ways to Make Money On Amazon Since 2009 with JL Nadheem

After working at Google for nearly a decade, JL Needham discovered Amazon FBA in 2009.

Well before there were courses teaching how to make money selling on Amazon, JL was testing different business models!

Fast forward 11 years and he’s growing a fast moving software company & been involved in more ways to make money on Amazon than almost anyone I’ve met.

On this episode of the Actualize Freedom Podcast, we dive deep into the 7 different ways you can make money with the Amazon beast!

JL Needham

JL Needham

JL Needham is a deal-maker and advocate for business pursuing growth on technology platforms. He’s also a bridge-builder and can conceive and run a scrappy startup or operate within a global organization. One of his dreams is to buy a failing book publisher and restore it to glory like an old mansion.