Make sure you read this important info about your order 🙂


Your Order Will Be Delivered In:

Copywriting: 7 business days (mon to fri)

Photography: 12 business days (mon to fri) after receipt of sample – you will receive a separate email with exact delivery date once your sample is received by our photography department. The sooner you can get it to us, the sooner we can start 🙂

Video: 12 business days (mon to fri) after receipt of sample

EBC With Photography: 12 business days (mon to fri) after receipt of sample 

EBC Without Photography: 7 business days (mon to fri)

Business days do not include weekends (Sat & Sun). Ex. order is placed on Monday & delivery is 3 business days, it will be delivered on Thursday. If order is placed on Wednesday, 3 business days later is Monday. Once sample is received, you’ll receive an email confirming your exact delivery date.

Need to Ship Samples?

To send us the product to shoot we have two options.
Option 1: Ship to us directly from you or your manufacturer by express mail.
The easiest is usually DHL, but if shipping from China, ask your manufacturers to use their express account as it’s often cheaper. Do not declare the value of the shipment over $15. Use the actual price you paid the manufacturer, not the full retail price of the items. This is common practice & legal for cross border shipments that are pre-retail.
Ship to This Address:
Kenji ROI
319 W Hastings St., #400
Vancouver, BC
V6B 1H6
Option 2: If inventory is already in Amazon, create a 99% off coupon code for us to buy your product directly off Amazon, or buy it yourself & ship to our address above.
To allow shipping from FBA in the US directly to Canada, simply go to ( Settings >> Fulfillment by Amazon >> Export Settings >> and then choose ” FBA Global Export ”). 
**NOTE: for some reason certain products are not able to be sent from US to Canada even with these settings. If that turns out to be the case, we’ll walk you through our backup method.
If you have questions about anything, or want to supply additional information or attachments you didn’t include in the order form, please reply to this email 🙂

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