Our go-to software to help manage PPC ad campaigns on Amazon Sponsored Ads. Founder Mike Zagare has joined us on 2 episodes of the Actualize Freedom Podcast

Hire yourself a team of freelancers without wading through dozens of bad applicants on Upwork or Fiverr. Freeeup matches you with the top 1% of freelancers and takes care of billing too.

Super powerful resource for Amazon keywords. The founders of this software are 8 figure Amazon Sellers and are putting out some really smart content/.

Split test your Amazon listing to see which images or text gives a higher conversion rate. We recommend split testing your main image and also your price. Split testing titles is not recommended as that can cause indexing issues.

The biggest player in the chrome extension game when it comes to product research!

Automatically list all your Amazon FBA inventory on Ebay… and fulfill orders automatically as well! Not many easier ways to boost sales than this one, totally automated.

This guy is responsible for a good handful of newly minted millionaires in the past year from his courses, and he’s also received a ClickFunnels Gold Plaque.

Launching your products on Amazon? Viral Launch is the behemoth in the space for giving away units at a discount to gain keyword ranking.

Just like Jungle Scout, but better! Offers more data and integrates with Viral Launches other tools quite well.

Want to learn about Facebook ads? This is where I learned a few years back.

The best Amazon email follow up system in the game, also for a ridiculously low price. Don’t get caught up in fancy interfaces, Zonmaster may not look pretty but the features are on par with the best.

Best in class software tools for a lot of Amazon software needs. At Kenji ROI we use Magnet 2.0 & Cerebro for keywords, 5K Checker for index checking, then Scribbles & Frankenstein for listing optimization.

A powerful landing page builder & automated coupon delivery system for Amazon sellers.

Best in class email software for building a list and owning your customers (instead of Amazon owning them).