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We provide Amazon Ads Management for brands spending > $5k per month, & FullStack Amazon Listing Creation for brands from about-to-launch to $10mm+

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Triple Optimized Amazon Listing

A Kenji ROI’s methodology for maximizing click through and conversion rates on Amazon product listings in a reliable & repeatable way.

The 3 essential pieces of a Triple Optimized Amazon Listing:

  • Keyword Optimization
  • Key Info Communication
  • Persuasive Desire Optimization

When all 3 work in harmony, 1+1+1 = 5… exponential growth. Many brands on Amazon focus on only 2 out of these 3, and neglecting any 1 of them drastically lowers the Amazon SEO, click through rates, & conversion rates.

Learn more about the Triple Optimized Amazon Listing Methodology here.


Kenji ROI provides done for you services for all parts of an Amazon listing including Amazon Product Photography, Listing Copywriting & Keywords, A+ Content (EBC), & Video. 

Our clients work with 1 single account manager rather than juggling 4 or 5 contractors & agencies to get their products up on Amazon. 

Amazon Product Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Lifestyle Images
  • Canadian Model
  • “Scroll Stopping” Hero Image
Amazon Copywriting
  • Keyword Ranking Power
  • Increased Conversions
  • Increased Customer Desire
Amazon A+ Content
  • Designed to Convert
  • Photography
  • Copywriting
  • Models
Play Video
  • Models
  • Voice Actors
  • Show off benefits
  • Placed on Amazon Listing
Amazon PPC Management

We manage Amazon Ads for brands spending more than $5k per month on ads. We are a small, boutique Amazon Ad Agency that takes on a small amount of clients with a high level of detail.

We optimize for the right balance of ACoS (profitability), and aggressiveness to get your products ranked organically for main keywords, and with the Amazon SEO Add-On, we tweak and optimize your listing keywords based on PPC data.

Amazon PPC Management – $997/m for up to 5 parent SKUs, $1997/m for 6-10 parent SKUs, 10+ custom quotation

  • Product Display Ads
  • Sponsored Products
  • Waterfall Campaign to Identify Optimal Bid Range
  • Broad, Broad Modified, Phrase, & Exact Match Campaigns to Optimize Match Type
  • Dynamic Bid Management to Optimize Adspend Daily
  • Brand Protection Campaigns to Dominate Your Brand Related Keywords

Optional Add-Ons

  • Sponsored Brands Ads – $97/ month – (Amazon Brand Registry required)
  • Amazon SEO Keyword Optimizations – $197/ month – we modify keywords in your listing based on Amazon PPC data to maximize results

Setup Fee

Monthly payments.There is a $500 setup fee payable with the first month, then deducted this off the 3rd month’s payment. Month 1 = $997 + $500, Month 2 = $997, Month 3 = $497. There is a very time consuming research & setup process to get every account setup correctly and we are interested only in working with brands for long term success.


Amazon Main Photos

Amazon Product Photography

Nothing affects Amazon conversion rate more than images. Kenji ROI’s product photography packages are designed specifically to maximize conversion rate through the ideal mix of studio, lifestyle with model, and infographic images.

Learn more about Kenji ROI’s Amazon Product Photography here.

Amazon A+ Description

A+ Content Description

If you’re Amazon Brand Registered, you get access to the advantageous  A+ Content Description. 

It’s an easy way to boost conversion rates by showing off key product benefits with additional pictures & graphics halfway down the listing. They almost always have a higher conversion rate than regular descriptions, & since only Brand Registered brands can use it, is an easy way to set you apart.

See our popular Amazon A+ Content Tutorial 2020 to learn more.

Amazon HTML Description

HTML Description

HTML is simple code that allows you to add formatting such as bolding & bullet point lists to Amazon descriptions. Without it, you are left with a chunk of text with no vertical spacing that no one will read.

In our Full Listing Copywriting package, we use HTML formatting to ensure your description is not only Amazon SEO Optimized, but easily readable with key information accessible. Learn more about Amazon HTML Descriptions in this blog.

Amazon Backend Search Terms

Backend Search Terms

Often referred to by Amazon Sellers as “backend keywords,” this is a text field of 250 “bytes” (similar to characters) inputted when editing a listing in the Seller Central dashboard. It’s an important place for top performing relevant keywords to show Amazon’s ranking algorithm which keyword searches to show your product.

Amazon Subject Matter Fields

Subject Matter Fields

The “Subject Matter” fields are 5 fields of 50 characters each for a total of 250 characters, Their original purpose is to give Amazon a bit more context about what your product actually is, but they are powerful keyword fields! Fill them with your top performing search phrases to Amazon SEO optimize your listing. See how we do it in this article on Amazon Subject Matter Keywords.


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Kenji ROI’s optimization & listing building techniques are based off more than 3 years of Amazon selling experience of founder Danny Carlson, & the 60+ Actualize Freedom Podcast guests who contribute & help us stay current with the latest tactics & Amazon changes.

Entrepreneur, podcaster, & lifestyle architect, Danny started his first business producing extreme downhill longboarding videos in 2014 & has since grown the Amazon FBA Agency “Kenji ROI” to more than 10 team members.

Kenji ROI has served over 700 brands & created photos, video, copywriting, & graphics for over 1240 Amazon listings.

Danny is also host of the Actualize Freedom Podcast & the Danny Carlson Podcast completing more than 60 interviews with big names like Daniel DiPiazza, Steve Sims, Manny Coats, & Kevin King.

Residing in Bali, his off time is spent doing standing acrobatics, ripping sport motorcycles, & training at Nirvana Strength.

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