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We Create Amazon Listings from Scratch Optimized for:

1. The Amazon ranking algorithm
2. Showing shoppers exactly what they need to make a buying decision NOW

Our In-House Team Creates:

  • Product Photography
  • Copywriting & Keywords
  • A+ Content
  • Video
We do this based on our proven conversion optimized processes & deep research of each product’s market, desires, & keywords.
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Main Photo

Your main image is the gatekeeper to your listing. It’s your listing’s outfit before going out for the night. If it is anything less than amazing, it DOES NOT MATTER how good the rest of your listing is because you’ll get scrolled right past for the prettier competitor placed below you.

amazon EBC Description A+content

A+ Description

A+ is always better than no A+. It allows you to show off key benefits of your product with more pictures & graphic visuals than competitors, much more attractive than Amazon’s regular descriptions

You also have ability to upload video to a main image slot with the A+ tool

amazon HTML Description

HTML Description

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. But don’t let the technical name fool you, it’s one of the simplest forms of code there is.

Basically it’s the code that allows you to add bolding, line breaks (vertical space), italics, & bullet points to text.

amazon Backend Search terms keywords

Backend Search Terms

Backend keywords functions like HTML tags. It provides Amazon with additional information about a listing, and is used as to which search result your listing will rank or not.

amazon Subject Matter field keywords

Subject Matter Fields

The “Subject Matter” fields are text fields you are asked to fill out when editing your Amazon listing. They’re 5 fields of 50 characters each for a total of 250 characters, not much real estate. Their original purpose is to give Amazon a bit more context about what your product actually is.

High Carbon Japanese Chef Knife Lifestyle 4
  • Graphic Design
  • Lifestyle Images
  • Canadian Model
  • “Scroll Stopping” Hero Image
  • Keyword Ranking Power
  • Increased Conversions
  • Increased Customer Desire
Skin Lightening Cream EBC
  • Designed to Convert
  • Photography
  • Copywriting
  • Models
Play Video
  • Models
  • Voice Actors
  • Show off benefits
  • Placed on Amazon Listing


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Kenji ROI’s optimization & listing building techniques are based off more than 3 years of Amazon selling experience of founder Danny Carlson, & the 60+ Actualize Freedom Podcast guests who contribute & help us stay current with the latest tactics & Amazon changes.

Entrepreneur, podcaster, & lifestyle architect, Danny started his first business producing extreme downhill longboarding videos in 2014 & has since grown the Amazon FBA Agency “Kenji ROI” to more than 10 team members.

Kenji ROI has served over 700 brands & created photos, video, copywriting, & graphics for over 1240 Amazon listings.

Danny is also host of the Actualize Freedom Podcast & the Danny Carlson Podcast completing more than 60 interviews with big names like Daniel DiPiazza, Steve Sims, Manny Coats, & Kevin King.

Residing in Bali, his off time is spent doing standing acrobatics, ripping sport motorcycles, & training at Nirvana Strength.

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