All 3 Photo Types for a High Converting Amazon Product Listing

  • Graphic Design Images
  • Lifestyle Images with Real Canadian Model
  • White Background Studio Images

Professional Product Photography for Amazon

With our experience creating more than 1200 Amazon listings with collectively multi millions in monthly sales, the Kenji ROI team knows Amazon inside & out, following all Amazon product photograpy guidelines

One Company for All Photography Needs

No need to hire & coordinate photographers, graphic designers, & models. Our team does it all in one project, providing a cohesive look & feel.

Boost Amazon Conversion Rate

Professional lighting, “story telling” the main product benefits, & showing key features with graphics & real models all convert more visitors to buyers.


Kenji ROI is the only company offering Complete Amazon Listing Creation Services including product photography, videos, A+ Content (EBC), and copywriting with keywords.

Founded by Actualize Freedom Podcast host Danny Carlson,
the team is based on Vancouver, Canada where all photos & videos are created.

We pride ourselves in having a 100% Canadian & American team for copywriting, photography, videography, and modeling to create projects that speak on a deep emotional level to US Amazon shoppers.

For Amazon product photography, we work closely with each brand to ensure we meet their unique requirements, providing as much or as little guidance as they prefer.

Some clients want very specific images but most would rather hand it off to us & trust our expertise in creating the best photo set on page 1.

In either case our ethos is to create long lasting partnerships with successful ecommerce brands to help them create Amazon listings that will win in the Amazon marketplace for years to come.

Kenji ROI Photo Process


Amazon Product Photography Service - Lifestyle

Amazon Product Lifestyle Photography

The most effective way to set yourself apart from competitors on Amazon is with product lifestyle photography.

Stock images are easy to pick out, and have become the hallmark of cheap Chinese copycat brands.

Low end brands simply don’t have the budget or skills to create high quality lifestyle images with a real model, making it a low hanging fruit for savvy Amazon Sellers.

There’s no better tool to get shoppers to visualize how their life will improve through owning your product. Our aim is to capture the exact moment the main product benefits are being received by the model so shoppers can feel a strong desire to receive those benefits themselves.

Amazon product photography in Canada allows us to work with only Canadian models & photographers to exactly match US Amazon shopper demographics.

Amazon Infographic Images

Using graphic design & text on images is the most effective way to quickly communicate key benefits to low attention span shoppers.

Did you know many Amazon shoppers don’t even read the bullet points or description?

This is easily provable by the large number of negative reviews from customers who failed to read the key info posted there.

All of the info graphic images we create have large text, easily readable for Amazon mobile app shoppers & optimized to cleanly & clearly give them the key info they need to make a buying decision before they decide to click your competitor’s product instead.

Amazon Product Photography Service - Infographics
Amazon Product Photography Service - White Background

Amazon White Background Photography

The main image on Amazon is required to have a pure white background and no text or graphics. While some sellers do get away with graphics for some time, often their listing gets suppressed.

We shoot our white background images in our studio in Vancouver, Canada with professional studio lighting and camera equipment, then the editing team touches up levels & retouched out any blemishes, dust, or smudges for a “better than real life” finished photo.

If you’re looking for simple product photography for Amazon products, go with our Starter Photo package and choose Studio Images Only.


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FullStack Photo Package

$ 797 19 days after receipt of sample
  • 10 Ready To Upload Photos
  • 4x Lifestyle (with model), 3xStudio, 2xGraphic Images
  • Professional Shot List & Branding Consultation
  • Color Correction & Retouching
Most Popular

Starter Photo Package

$ 447 19 days after receipt of sample
  • 5 x Lifestyle OR Studio Images
  • Model Included (if needed)
  • Color Correction & Retouching

Photo Add-Ons

  • Color Variation (done by graphically changing colors) $80
  • Complex Variation (anything that can’t be done with a simple graphic color change) $250
  • Additional Model 14+ $75
  • Additional Model 6-13 $125
  • Additional Model Under 6 $225
  • Swap Included Model for Model 6-13 $50
  • Swap Included Model for Model Under 6 $150


On Amazon - Product Photography


Kenji ROI
319 W Hastings St #400
Vancouver, BC
V6B 1H6

Photo Retakes: Any photo retake requests or new shot requests that were not outlined in your filled out photography intake form (sent immediately upon order) are not be included in the initial fee. We recommend being as thorough and specific as possible when filling out your form if you have specific shots/ vision in mind. Otherwise, our experts will craft the photoset based on their own research & provided info, & you are trusting our expertise in crafting the photoset.

Graphic Design: For graphic design photos included in EBC of the Fullstack photosets, we include 1 full round of revisions after delivery. Anything further will be charged at an additional hourly rate.

You can choose the model demographic i.e. “caucasian female 30-45, fit & obviously works out.” But we do not offer exact model choosing as the only way to guarantee a certain model is through a modeling agency at $500 plus per model.

Models under 14 years old or additional models are as extra cost (see Photo Add-Ons).

It’s a secondary main image you can use to “split test” & see which one performs better using a software like Pickfu or Splitly. Split testing the main image is strongly recommended.

We share 0% of client information. At your request we will sign Non Disclosure Agreements.

We do however greatly appreciate when clients give us permission to showcase the work we did together in our portfolio. This only happens upon express permission.