3 Options To Serve Amazon Sellers

Amazon PPC Management Service

Get Your ACoS Under Control

Rest assured knowing your adspend is getting maximum returns in an ever more competitive Amazon marketplace. Our in house PPC team is 100% Canadian & American.

One Company for All Amazon Optimization Needs

We handle all Amazon listing optimization needs. Our team can create product photography, Amazon SEO, video, & A+ Content, providing a cohesive look & feel.

Increase Amazon Sales with PPC

Traditional Amazon product launches are not as effective today. Utilizing Amazon Ads has never been more important to successful Amazon sales strategies. 


Kenji ROI combines Amazon listing optimization with Amazon PPC & offers full Amazon PPC Management or done for you setup & training.

We understand that Amazon product photography, videos, A+ Content, and keywords have a massive effect on PPC performance.

We view Amazon Ads & listing optimization as one entity, not two separate jobs, & this reflects in our management & training.

We work with 7 & 8 figure brands, as well as brand new Amazon sellers with our Done For You Setup & Amazon Ads Masterclass.

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2 Options For Amazon Ads Success

Amazon PPC Management

100% Managed Amazon Ads By Kenji ROI

  • Integrated With Listing Optimization
  • Sponsored Brands & Display Ads
  • Weekly & Monthly Reporting
1.5% to 2% of Non-Branded Advertising Revenue
Your Brand Is a Good Fit If
  • Your revenue is at least $50k per month on Amazon
  • You expect to grow in the next 12 months & have a plan to do so

Amazon Ads Setup & Masterclass

Setup done for you and full training on how to manage & continually optimize your Amazon Ads.

AMZ Ads Masterclass

How to setup & manage the most effective Amazon Ads strategies without any software using bulk file spreadsheets.

  • Lifetime Access To 25 Video Modules Teaching Exactly The Same Strategies We Use To Get Results For Our 7 & 8 Figure Amazon Ads Clients
  • Amazon bulk file templates for fast optimizations and campaign uploads (Excel/ Google Sheets)
  • Spreadsheet formulas for automated bid adjustments (replacing the need for expensive software)
  • Direct access to Danny Carlson to ask questions in the members only Facebook Group with other successful Amazon Sellers
  • 1 Personal full account review by Danny Carlson ($497 value) (best used after your ads have been running at least 6 weeks)

AMZ Ads Masterclass + Setup

Full AMZ Ads Masterclass training +

  • Full setup of your Amazon Ads campaigns (up to 3 parent ASINs) in the same format we do for our clients spending $5000 – $40000 per month on ads.
  • Advanced keyword research based on Kenji’s Triple Optimized Amazon Listing methodology
  • 4 Automatic campaigns (waterfall technique)
  • 6+ manual campaigns per product
  • Brand protection campaigns
  • Product targeting campaigns

3 Parent ASINs included. Additional ASINs $75 each.

Sponsored Brands Ads +$197 (requires Amazon Brand Registry)


    • AMZ Ads Masterclass: $997
    • Masterclass + Setup: $1497

Our Amazon Ads Management Strategies

Amazon Sponsored Products

Amazon Sponsored Products

The main advertising platform that all brands selling on Amazon have built in to their Amazon Seller Central account.

We use our proprietary blend of manual & automatic campaign that work together creating maximum sales at the lowest spend possible.

We Use Strategies Such As:

  • Waterfall Campaign to Identify Optimal Bid Range
  • Broad, Broad Modified, Phrase, & Exact Match Campaigns to Optimize Match Type
  •  Dynamic Bid Management to Optimize Adspend Daily
  • Brand Protection Campaigns to Dominate Your Brand Related Keywords

Amazon Product Display Ads

Amazon Product Display Ads​

What if you could choose exactly which products your ads show up on? You can with Product Display Ads.

Using data from our deep-dive keyword analysis, we identify the competing & similar products that your products are clearly better than.

We then place ads for your product on those product pages, stealing sales directly from them.

It’s a highly effective way to steal sales and gain ranking for YOUR keywords that otherwise would have gone to competing products.

Sponsored Brands & Retargeting

Sponsored Brands & Retargeting

Not all brands will have access to these strategies unless they are Amazon Brand Registered, but for the right brands they can add a massive advantage.

Sponsored Brands ads show up to 3 of your products at once in a banner at the top of the search results & are a great way to showcase your 3 best options at once.

Retargeting ads are shown specifically to shoppers who have engaged with your brand before. It’s a newer strategy & works for some products better than others.

Since our Amazon Advertising Management Strategy is custom to each brand we work with, we will determine whether or not these ones are right for your brand.

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kenji roi case study
kenji roi case study

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We go off purely value based pricing. We calculate how much value we can provide to your business, then propose a percentage of that value as our monthly retainer.

We do not take on clients we cannot provide value for so it’s the fairest pricing model, unlike tiered pricing for 1-20 SKUs for example… the second you have 21 SKUs your price doubles? How is that fair?


Kenji PPC Management Pricing Process

  1. Fill out application form with products, goals, and issues you want solved.
  2. We analyze your business & calculate exactly how much value we can provide.
  3. We propose a monthly retainer for a percentage of that value.


We require a minimum monthly adspend of $5000 USD. For brands spending less than this we recommend looking at our Amazon product photography or Amazon SEO Copywriting services.

We use value based pricing and calculate exactly how much value we can provide to your brand before proposing our monthly retainer based on a fraction of that value.

We only take on clients where the value we can provide makes clear financial sense. Press the red “Apply Now” button to apply.

Yes, you’ll receive detailed monthly reports with the option to schedule monthly calls with our team to go over results & ask any questions. We can have as much or as little communication as you need.

We strongly suggest your listings have at least 10 reviews before starting running ads.

While it’s still possible, its unlikely to get good results without enough positive reviews & a well optimized listing. 

Amazon is a comparison shopping engine and when shown a product with no or low reviews next to one with many, it will not perform as well no matter how well ads are managed.

If you’re not sure if your product is ready, we’ll  do a review of your listing for free, just apply here: FREE LISTING ANALYSIS VIDEO