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Danny Carlson

Danny Carlson


Kenji is Danny’s middle name (Japanese).

Danny Carlson is a 26 year old entrepreneur & expert in Amazon Ecommerce. He started his first business producing extreme downhill longboarding videos in 2014 as a way to fund travel for longboard racing. After a near death experience longboarding in the Philippines, Danny dove headfirst into building an Amazon FBA business. After selling $200k in home & garden products his first 6 months, he founded Kenji ROI, an agency to help Amazon sellers create an advantage through product listings.

Through psychologically driven copywriting/ keyword optimization, product photography, videos, EBC, & PPC Management, Kenji ROI has served over 400 Amazon sellers & created over 600 listings from scratch.

Danny is also co-host of the Actualize Freedom Podcast and regularly speaks on live webinars, other podcasts, & business events in Vancouver, Canada.


Senior Account Representative

As an inside and outside sales specialist, my primary belief remains static. Taking care of clients is the foundation for building a scalable and sustainable business.


Lead Copywriter

Writing for Amazon feels like being a bird in a cage by the side of a forest. I want to be free but have to work within Amazon’s limitations… but there-in lies the beauty of the challenge; and that my friends, is where satisfaction arises…


Lead Photographer

David is a Vancouver based Fashion Photographer who enjoys showcasing beauty in all its different forms, He creates a fun, collaborative process and brings out the unique spark in all of those who stand in front of his camera.


Lead Videographer

Amazon Sellers are on the forefront of a sales platform that is revolutionizing the way that we consume and purchase everything. Aside from Kenji, I create videos for crypto startups with my company Kinetic Cuts.



Lead Videographer

Video & media is the future of marketing. I love creating videos that show a compelling story, & tells a narrative that speaks to specific viewers. This is the new world economy, and becoming an essential piece of how it functions is thrilling.


Keyword Specialist

The exciting thing about helping Amazon sellers achieve their goals is knowing that I had a fair share making it come true!

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