7 Best Amazon Seller Software Tools

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What are the best Amazon seller software tools in 2019?

One of the fastest moving industries is SAAS (Software As A Service) companies, and the Amazon Seller space is no exception…

Seemingly every week a new tool comes out, they promise crazy Amazon page ranking results, only to crash & burn when the loophole they were exploiting gets slammed shut.

Before I go into what I see as the best Amazon FBA software after 3 years of trying everything… I have a SUPER important tip. If you only read one thing from this article, read this!

Golden Rule of Amazon FBA Software

There will ALWAYS be at least small issues with your current software, and the pastures ALWAYS look greener with other softwares, but the mental & time cost of switching is rarely worth it. The easiest way to waste dozens of valuable hours is to compare softwares, switch, realize the new software is also not perfect, then repeat the brutal cycle.

TLDR: Don’t fix what isn’t broken. If your current software is working just fine, don’t even look for other ones!

To be totally transparent here some links below give me a commission if you sign up, some don’t. Every software listed below is one I’ve personally used in my own business or a client’s for at least 6 months, up to 2 years, & I personally consider best in class.

Helium 10 – best software for Amazon sellers

If you’re looking for a ton of tools under one roof, Am/Pm Podcast’s host Manny Coats has created the Helium 10 suite of tools.

There’s lots of tools in here ranging from keyword rank trackers to hijacker alerts, including the SUPER useful free tools Frankenstein & Scribbles.

Frankenstein is a keyword processor that allows you to input thousands of keywords, then remove duplicates, words you want to remove (a list you have made yourself), & easily sort through the clutter that most keyword tools spit out. Handy when compiling keywords for a new listing.

Scribbles is where you’ll enter all the copywriting for your listing, then input a list of keywords. It will automatically remove any duplicate keywords that show up in your listing, allowing you to easily enter the remaining keywords into your backend keyword fields. Also handy for quickly seeing whether or not certain keywords are already in your listing.


But the real value of Helium 10 is the amount of useful tools you have in 1 place that integrate with each other. The monthly price tag may seem high, but if you look at how many subscriptions it allows you to cancel it makes sense.

Here’s a few of the other H10 tools we use daily at Kenji ROI with our clients:

Magnet & Cerebro – Keyword Tool Combo

Using Magnet to research new keywords, & Cerebro to see what keywords competitors are ranking for is a killer combo for Amazon listing optimization.

Take your best keywords & put them through Frankenstein keyword processor, then into Scribbles to write out & keyword optimize the listing.

Index Checker – ensure optimal indexing

If you’re not indexing for a keyword phrase you won’t show up in search results, PPC ads won’t run, & your product launch will have been wasted.

Index Checker is unique because it checks 3 different indexing methods. It’s no longer 100% reliable to simply type in “ASIN + keyword” into the Amazon search bar because the results will vary for every user. Helium 10’s index checker gives you a fuller picture.

Rank Tracker – Keyword Tracking

If you’re not tracking keyword rank it’s impossible to measure the effect of your marketing efforts. 

Is your product launch working? Is that PPC spend making any difference? It’s also an indicator if your rank goes blank at any time, you may not be indexing & should check with Index Checker to fix it.

Helium 10’s rank tracker allows you to track your main competitor’s rank, Amazon Ads rank, & see organic search volume for each keyword all in one place.

Seller Legend – Best Amazon Sales Dashboard

Having accurate, readable data about your Amazon sales, profit calculations, and trends is mandatory for a healthy business.

I’ve tried out Hello Profit, Fetcher, Sellics, & various other dashboards, but they always had some kind of errors in the data.

What good is data if the numbers are coming in all wrong? Imagine making a big financial decision only to find out your software was showing you a rosier picture than reality.


Why Seller Legend

What I need from a sales tracking software is:

  • Customization – (so I can see the data the way that makes sense for me),
  • Accuracy – (I can trust it’s pulling in numbers that are correct)
  • Readability – (are the graphs columns presenting the data in a way I can understand?)
  • Affordability – ($200 to $1000 per month is a bit much unless you have a big problem)

Seller Legend does the best in ALL of these categories of the ones I’ve tried. Their pricing is quite reasonable compared to most, dashboards have drag & drop customizable widgets that show everything from restock alerts to how many of each promo code was used.

They have at least 3 ways to view sales data through charts, tables, or graphs. Helpful depending on which kind of data you’re trying to see about your sales.

The real deal sealer here though is the accuracy. I’ve never had any major issues with the numbers coming in, and if I had something I was unsure of, the support was always quick to help me out or point me in the right direction.

Check It Out Here

or for a free option:

Amazon Profit & Launch Calculator Spreadsheet + Bonuses

AMZ Promoter – Drive Outside Traffic to Amazon

One of the main downsides to selling on Amazon is you’re using their customers to sell your products.

You don’t get their email address, they don’t get added to your Facebook pixel lists… unless you do some fancy tactics like this.

AMZ Promotor allows you to create a landing page that you can drive traffic to from Facebook ads, Google, influencers, etc. On this landing page you offer a discount code in exchange for the visitor’s email.


Why AMZ Promoter

While sending traffic to a landing page first may lower the amount of people that buy on Amazon, it does some important things.

  • Qualifies customers before sending them to Amazon. This way, customers who had no interest in buying don’t go to your Amazon page & bounce, lowering Amazon conversion rate.
  • Allows you to pixel customers for retargeting ads. You can add a Facebook ads pixel or any other type of tracking code on the landing pages. Then you can serve ads to people who have visited that page.
  • You get their email address to remarket to (integrates with Active Campaign which I mention below)
  • Can serve unique Amazon coupon codes so customers can only redeem once. You can even limit to one code per IP address to stop bad actors.
  • Can boost keyword ranking by driving more sales through your Amazon listing.

Overall this tool allows you to build your customer base through emails & remarketing lists, while still sending sales to Amazon. It can be tricky to make your ads profitable, but don’t forget that building email & remarketing lists is also valuable so don’t immediately shut off campaigns that aren’t directly profitable from Amazon sales.

Check It Out Here

Market Intelligence – Product Research

The best Jungle Scout alternative in my eyes. Product launch service behemoth Viral Launch is slowly but surely building out a solid software offering, and currently this is their crown jewel.

There are lot’s of tools like this one… Jungle Scout, Seller Lab’s Scope, and Unicorn Smasher all have chrome extensions that do basically the same thing.

But where Market Intelligence chrome extension shines is the amount of data it provides. Leveraging data from over 27,000 product launches allows much more complete data to come in, & they provide unique features like:

  • Product Idea Score
  • Easily viewable BSR trends
  • Estimated reviews needed to sell well
  • Estimated daily giveaway’s to rank on page one

Yes it’s $20 per month where some other tools are free or just a one time fee, but I still use it because I trust the data more (Casey Gauss, their CEO is one of the most genius minds in the game), and the added data is a huge plus.

Check It Out Here

Zonmaster – Amazon Email Follow Up

The main draw of this software is the robust features combined with a cheap price. Most competitors in this field either are much more expensive, or are lacking crucial features such as excluding customers who have left negative reviews or feedback from getting your emails.


I’ve worked with some Amazon email softwares that are a complete nightmare to deal with… formatting issues turning into jumbled code, sending duplicate emails, etc. Zonmaster fits my criteria o:

  • Does the job it’s supposed to without errors
  • Has advanced automation like exclusion filters & special email triggers (like a special email be automatically sent when a customer leaves a 5 star review).
  • Is affordable for sellers at any level, starting at $6.99 per month.

Check It Out Here

Joelister – Automatically List on Ebay

Joeslister is simple to explain and free to use for 2 weeks, so there’s no reason not to use this one in my opinion.

It automatically lists your Amazon products on Ebay, and automatically fulfills orders to Ebay customers out of your Amazon FBA inventory.

Don’t expect a massive sales boost, since most products have a much smaller market on Ebay, but it takes so little time and it’s free so may as well just do it. If something makes you more money than it costs & takes zero extra time, do it.

Check It Out Here

Active Campaign – Grow an Email List

We’ve all heard we need to be growing an email list. And it’s true, without an email list, your business relies 100% on Amazon.

I still think Amazon is the best place to sell products online by a long shot, but having an email list has more benefits than securing your business:

  • Can use it to stay top of mind with customers, getting them to buy on Amazon more often.
  • Use your email list to launch new products to existing customers rather than expensive launch services.
  • Build a real relationship with customers. Ask them for feedback, video reviews on Instagram, or offer them cross sells to increase your Lifetime Customer Value.

There’s a million email softwares out there, but I think Active Campaign is to the go to because it’s the best mix of ease of use and powerful automation out there right now. Infusionsoft is super customizable, but expensive and crazy complex. Mailchimp is cheap, but lacks powerful automation or advanced features.

Active Campaign allows you to build advanced segmentation of your customers and even integrates with SMS text sending services that can really up open rates. This can all be done in a visual flow builder rather than in confusing menus like some email providers.

Check It Out Here

Splitly – Split Testing

The single easiest way to boost performance of an already well performing listing is to split test the main image.

If you can find a main image that gets even 5% more people to click, that can translate to a massive amount of extra traffic to your listing.

It doesn’t matter if your listing is incredible, if your main image sucks… no one will click on it.

Splitly also allows you to split test other parts of your listing, but I don’t recommend split testing text, since that can mess up keywords indexing and cause real troubles with keyword rankings.

There’s another interesting tool called Profit Peak that automatically tests and optimizes your price point to see which price ultimately makes you the most profit.

Check It Out Here

Freeeup Freelancer Marketplace

Using Fiverr & Upwork to find General Virtual Assistants, Amazon keyword specialists, or Amazon Customer Service VAs can be a tedious task.

The good candidates get quickly swamped & you have to wade through a mountain of terrible applications.

If you don’t have a rock solid interview process it’s easy to get caught with a lemon. That’s why Freeeup Freelancer marketplace may be worth it.

All you have to do is:

  1. Create a job posting with as much detail as possible
  2. Submit the posting through your Free Account
  3. Receive an email or Skype intro to Freeeup’s top 2 or 3 hand picked applicants

All the billing is done automatically through your bank account on file on Freeeup so you’re protected if something goes wrong.


Since Freeeup makes their money the same way as Fiverr or Upwork (by taking a % of the freelancer’s pay) there’s really no reason not to use them because they do all the vetting for you.

Check It Out Here


So these are the best in class in my own personal opinion. Keep in mind this is directed more at sellers who are at $50k per month and below sales. As you grow larger, there are better tools out there that can better serve your Amazon selling needs, but they come with much higher costs.

Thanks for reading this far. Did you like any of the suggestions? Do you have other suggestions? Leave a comment below 😊


Danny Carlson

Danny Carlson

Danny Carlson

Kenji ROI CEO & Amazon seller from Vancouver, Canada. Huge adrenaline junkie/ life hacker competing in downhill longboard races, meditating after ice baths, & reading dense psychology books…
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