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If you’re a brand registered seller, you’re surely taking advantage of Enhanced Brand Content. Conversion rate increases of 5-10% aren’t uncommon when it’s done right… but when it’s half assed, it can be the opposite. Our experts work with you to get it right 😉


So more customers click “Add to Cart.” Videos show off your product in ways photos and text cannot. Your competitors probably aren’t using it 😉


By having a listing that’s just better enough to sway the sale. Turn the tables and start stealing sales from your major niche rivals.


We highly recommend using only brand new content for EBC, not reusing anything from the rest of the listing. Our team designs each EBC from the ground up, based on our deep keyword/ customer research.


Here’s a few examples of EBC we’ve created for our clients. The goal is to give each EBC description style that fits the brand & takes customers through a specific psychological a journey that leads to a sale

enhanced brand content example 1
Dog Treats EBC


One of the biggest metrics Amazon uses to determine whether your product is a hit or a dud is conversion rate.

If your conversion rate sucks, that means people look at your listing & aren’t buying… & Amazon doesn’t like it.

Their algorithm determines your listing a “DUD”  & sends less traffic to your listing, & less sales.


The opposite is also true.

If your conversion rate kicks ass, Amazon’s algorithm says “Hey this thing is hot!” & throws more traffic your way.

Well done Enhanced Brand Content commonly increases conversion rates by up to 5 or even 10%.

If you were making 300 sales per month at a 10% conversion rate, that would mean a boost to 450 or 600 units per month!

"Scroll Stopping" Photography

Makes your product look so appealing that customers will unconciously stop scrolling to look.

World Class Copywriters

Experienced in the perfect marriage of keywords & persuasive, benefit centric Amazon sales copy.


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This pricing is for EBC descriptions only, not the entire listing.

Get a discount when ordering EBC as an upgrade to our Full Listing Copywriting Package which includes Keywords, Title, HTML Description, Bullet Points.

Enhanced Brand Content Using Own Photos

$ 297 12 business days after receipt of sample
  • Copywriting - Keyword Optimized
  • Graphic Design & Photo Repurposing
  • Color Correction & Touch Up
  • Design Consultation

Enhanced Brand Content With New Photography

$ 747 12 business days after receipt of sample
  • Copywriting - Keyword Optimized
  • Graphic Design & Photo Repurposing
  • Color Correction & Touch Up
  • Design Consultation
  • EBC-Specific Photos
  • Model (if needed)
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We guarantee your conversion rate for your MAIN search term will improve within 30 days, or we will assign a personal team member to help you fix it. If we can’t help you reach the increased conversion rate within an additional 2 weeks, we’ll refund your entire payment!

This is based on Search term report showing the conversion rate for main search term as defined in the listing document based on our deep keyword analysis, and will be at the front of your title for maximum keyword ranking juice, not some random search term!

Full guarantee terms and conditions here. Must be using keyword rank tracking software & allow us access to it in case of claim, & must not be driving keyword specific traffic to sabotage conversion rate.


Currently only brand registered sellers have access to Enhanced Brand Content. It now requires a registered trademark to apply for Amazon Brand Registry, and this process can take many months so start now! check out https://trademarkia.com for an easy trademark filing.

Kevin Graham is our resident expert photographer with nearly a decade of experience. He’s graduated from Vancouver Film School and works out of our studio in Vancouver, BC.

Our photos all meet Amazon TOS requirements including white background main image, etc. The TOS has been updated to state that only the MAIN image is subject to the no graphic design rule, so graphic design does not break TOS.

“MAIN images must show the actual product (not a graphic or illustration), and must NOT show excluded accessories, props that may confuse the customer, text that is not part of the product, or logos/watermarks/inset images.”

Up to Vancouver, Canada to our photography studio. When you order you’ll be given the address. We recommend express carrier DHL for fast & easy cross border shipping. Declare your product value at manufacturer price, not retail to avoid overpaying duties. This is the proper & legal way to do it.

Most all locations that are easily accessible are included to take the lifestyle shots.

Difficult & costly locations such as inside an airplane, on a boat, makeup studio, professional salon, etc are an extra cost charged on a case by case basis.

Seasonal locations such as snowy area depend on the current season in Vancouver.

Contact us through the contact form on this webpage to inquire about your own situation.

Props that are easy to find & require no cost for us to find within a small timeframe are included. This would include fruit & veggies, normal kitchen appliances, laptop, etc.

Not included is unique & expensive items such as a table full of beautiful cakes, an inflatable kids backyard play toy… basically anything that is a significant extra cost is up to you to provide or give additional budget for.

Contact us through the contact form on this webpage to inquire about your own situation.

Picked based on your chosen demographic & attire, etc. Based in the diverse, film industry city of Vancouver, Canada, we have access to nearly any demographic you need. You will be asked for this in the order process. *Children under 14, babies, or multiple models are extra charge.

When you request a quote on the photography or video pages, you will be asked for your model preference & we’ll work this into your quote.

Photo Retakes: Any photo retake requests or new shot requests that were not outlined in your filled out photography intake form (sent immediately upon order) are not be included in the initial fee. We recommend being as thorough and specific as possible when filling out your form if you have specific shots/ vision in mind. Otherwise, our experts will craft the photoset based on their own research & provided info, & you are trusting our expertise in crafting the photoset.

Graphic Design: For graphic design photos included in EBC of the Fullstack photosets, we include 1 full round of revisions after delivery. Anything further will be charged at an additional hourly rate.

Yes, we share absolutely 0% of our client information. No product names, keywords, nothing that could open your market to copycats. If you are concerned, we offer Non Disclosure Agreements to keep you legally protected.

Yes, this will still index for keywords so keep it in there!