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Triple Optimized Amazon Listing

Triple Optimized Amazon Listing Method

Through creating 1300+ Amazon listings for our clients, we’ve developed the most effective process for maximizing sales & ranking in every listing we do.

Key Info Optimization: We identify crucial buyer language, benefits, & selling triggers your customers subconsciously scan for, & place them in the most prominent places in the listing. Without this, your Click Through Rate will suffer.

Keyword Optimization: Identifying which keyword phrases are most relevant with high traffic and not too competitive, then placing them throughout the listing to optimize for Amazon keyword ranking. Without this, traffic to your listing will suffer.

Persuasive Desire Optimization: To buy anything customers must have a pain, believe your product will solve their pain, & their desire to remove pain is greater than the cost of your product. For a truly high conversion rates require a professionally trained sales copywriter that also understands Amazon keyword ranking.

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