For all packages we need to shoot physical photos or videos of your product, you will need to ship us your product to our office in Vancouver, Canada. Client is responsible for any shipping fees as these can vary from less than $10 up to $50 depending on whether you’re shipping from your manufacturer in China, from Amazon warehouses, or elsewhere.

(Please send 2 units in case 1 has minor defects)

Option 1: Ship to us directly from you or your manufacturer by express mail. The easiest is UPS – https://www.ups.com/ship, but if shipping from China, ask your manufacturer to use their express account as it’s often cheaper.

Use the actual price per unit with your manufacturer, not the full retail price of the items (should be under $15). This is common practice & legal for cross border shipments that are pre-retail. If we receive an invoice from the shipping company for duties/ shipping that exceeds $20, we will pay it & send you an invoice.


Ship to This Address:

Kenji ROI

319 W Hastings St #400

Vancouver, BC V6B 1H6


Option 2: If inventory is already in Amazon we can purchase it directly then invoice you for the exact amount.

To allow shipping from FBA directly to Canada, simply go to ( Settings >> Fulfillment by Amazon >> Export Settings >> and then choose ” FBA Global Export ”).

Please send us the tracking number as soon as you send it, or if you wish to use Option 2 please confirm.