Who Should Hire an Amazon SEO Service?

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Who Should Hire An Amazon SEO Expert

Launching products & successfully ranking for keyword phrases on page one of Amazon is a daunting task to say the least.

Most companies know they should be selling on Amazon, but don’t have a strong action plan for how to execute it.

In 2020, it’s not enough to throw up Amazon product listings with mediocre images & descriptions. That’s why for some brands, an Amazon optimization service can allow them to expand to the Amazon marketplace faster & hit the ground running with some effective Amazon ranking.

What Are amazon product listing services?

There are companies like Kenji ROI that specialize in building optimized Amazon listings that can effectively rank on Amazon search results, and convert shoppers into buyers.

They have in house teams that shoot product photography for Amazon based on specific considerations of the platform.

Their copywriting team is trained not only on persuasive sales copywriting, but Amazon keyword optimization to please the A10 ranking algorithm.

The best ones also offer creation of A+ Content (formerly called Enhanced Brand Content), and Amazon product video to maximize conversion rates.

When choosing an Amazon product listing service, consider one that offers all the services you’ll need from the copywriting & keywords to the product photos & graphics all under one roof. This cuts down on a major headache hiring many different companies.

Does an Amazon Listing Optimization Service Help With Amazon Ranking?

So will working with an Amazon SEO service boost organic keyword ranking? Yes & no.

Yes it will help with keyword ranking, but it’s not a complete solution. The main driving factor is sales through a specific keyword.

That being said, a product listing will not show up in the search results unless it “indexes” for that keyword phrase. An Amazon SEO expert’s job is to identify which keyword phrases to highlight & place in the listing to ensure it’s optimized for ranking & indexing, but it is not enough as a stand alone ranking strategy.

Optimizing the images is the most important factor for conversion rate, so it will increase your sales ratios through each keyword. Even a small improvement in the pictures creates a snowball effect with the ranking for each keyword, leading to more ranking & more sales.

So to summarize, Amazon listing optimization services DO help with Amazon keyword ranking, and are a foundational step needed, but also requires a traffic & marketing strategy to drive sales.

Amazon Copywriting Guidelines

No we’re not talking about copyrighting, copywriting refers to writing the text on the Amazon listing in a way designed to influence shoppers to buy.

There’s a real art to writing sales copy that sells, and the best copywriters create product pages that can add hundreds or thousand in extra revenue.

So what’s the best way to create Amazon copywriting that boosts sales & persuades customers to buy?

  1. Benefit Driven Headings
  2. Optimize Text Fields for the Amazon Platform

Best Amazon SEO Tools

While it’s possible to manually sift through competitor’s Amazon listings and find keywords that way, there are software tools that make this much easier.

We created one of the most popular guides online called 7 Best Amazon Seller Software Tools

But the ones we have been using for more than 3 years and keeps getting better is Helium 10. Specifically the keyword related tools. Here’s a breakdown of which tools we use and for what.

Finding New Keywords

Within Helium 10, we use Cerebro reverse ASIN tool to see what keywords competitors are ranking for. This gives us good ideas we can type into other tools to come up with even more keywords.

If we start by just typing in our main phrase into the Magnet tool, it will likely only give us results directly related to that phrase. Using Cerebro allows us to see which other phrases are relevant to this product.

For a much more in depth guide to Amazon Keyword Research, check out our full guide here.

Processing Keywords

Using keyword tools leaves us with a mountain of keywords that is WAY to big to place into a listing. Removing bad keywords manually would take many hours, so we use Frankenstein keyword processor to weed out the bulk.

Just paste in thousands of keywords, and you can remove phrases containing certain words, remove duplicates, or add/ remove commas for efficient keyword processing. A huge time saver!

Checking Keyword Indexing

Just because you have a keyword in your listing doesn’t mean you are indexing for that keyword phrase. If Amazon’s algorithm does not think your product is relevant to that phrase, you will not index!

Indexing simply means that if you were to search for that phrase, your product would show up somewhere in the search results. If you are not indexing, you will not show up, even on the last page of the search results.

You can’t rank on the search results page without indexing!

We use Helium 10’s tool 5k Checker to monitor the indexing of our top search phrases to ensure nothing happens to them. If you are not checking, for whatever reason you may de-index for certain phrases and not even know it!

In Conclusion: Is an Amazon SEO Expert Worth It?

Not everyone is an expert at Amazon listing optimization so doing it themselves isn’t really an option. But some Amazon sellers have the skills and knowledge to do Amazon SEO themselves and that may be good enough.

Whether it’s worth it to hire a company like Kenji ROI to create optimized listings for you depends on the expertise and work load of your team. If you lack the know-how, hiring the pros should be a no-brainer. But keep in mind that SEO optimization is only half the battle, and a strong traffic strategy is an important piece of the puzzle as well.

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